Grieve Photography

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Photographic Background
In 2008, I began teaching myself photography and practising the techniques I was learning about in magazines, websites and books. I became dedicated to developing my photography skills as an extension to my graphic design interest, and photography quickly became an important part of my time.

Personal Background
Born and raised in Aberdeenshire, I am hugely influenced by the fantastic scenery and on-the-door opportunities around me and visit locations again and again to capture their natural beauty. Being based in Banchory also provides great opportunities for travelling along Royal Deeside where key historical places are stated. I love exploring throughout Scotland and am in awe of the beautiful landscapes I photograph.

Photographic Approach
Land and waterscapes photography is my main focus where I love investigating how changing light creates different effects on the scenery. Getting right into a location and finding a key spot to capture these effects is inspiring and constantly changing. Patience and warm clothing is a must, especially here in Scotland.

Grieve Photography
Since 2008, my love for photography and Scotland has continued to grow and I soon wished to share this. Through setting up my website and Facebook page, I have been able to connect with people, share my photography and continue to develop my knowledge and skills. Being able to share the beauty of the landscape around me continues to inspire my work.